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The Healthy Garage Checklist

By taking these simple steps, you can keep your family safe and healthy:

  • Install an exhaust fan, vented away from the house or any windows. Set it on a timer to run for 45 minutes after a car leaves or enters in the garage.
  • Don't let your car idle or warm up in the garage, especially with the garage door closed. If you want to warm up the engine, pull it out of the garage and a little way away from the house to do so.
  • Weatherstrip any connecting doors to make them airtight.
  • Seal common walls and ceilings and other common air infiltration points, including electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, air vents, the juncture where drywall meets the floor and any poorly sealed plumbing, electrical or ductwork penetrations.
  • Get rid of as many hazardous household waste products as possible and dispose of them safely. Any hazardous products you want to keep should be stored either in an outside shed that is securely locked or in a locked, fireproof, sealed container, which can be independently vented to the outdoors.
  • Make sure your garage is equipped with a multi-purpose fire extinguisher. Store it in a place that is easily accessible and prominent. Check the gauge occasionally to make sure it's properly charged.
  • Consider replacing your gasoline-powered yard equipment with manual or electric models. The exhaust fumes from these machines can be even worse than exhaust from cars. Until they can be replaced, always start these pieces of equipment outside the garage, and let them cool off outdoors after use before bringing them back into the garage.