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The Vocal Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors are an important part of any home's safety plan. We count on them to alert every member of the family when there's smoke in the house. What may surprise you is that new studies have shown that many children sleep through traditional smoke detector alarms. To try to solve that problem, KidSmart Corp. has created the KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector. It is the only product on the market that allows a family member to record a personalized emergency message in his or her own voice. According to the company, a familiar voice will not only wake a child from deep sleep but will also help the child become alert more quickly. The Vocal Smoke Detector also has a high-quality speaker that can be aimed directly at the child's sleeping area. When activated, the Vocal Smoke Detector switches between personalized verbal commands and a tone siren at a loud 85 decibels. The Vocal Smoke Detector costs about $70; for more info, call 877-543-7628 or go to