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The Ultimate in Control

A new waterproof digital control pad from Rinnai, a manufacturer of tankless water heaters, is designed to put efficiency and entertainment at your fingertips. Looking much like a small flat-screen TV, the control pad works in conjunction with Rinnai's Continuum tankless hot-water system. Once it is installed in your shower, near your bathtub, in the kitchen or anywhere else throughout the home, you can use it to set the exact water temperature and water pressure you want, as well as listen to music, check the weather, or watch TV on the control pad's 7-inch screen. In addition, auto-fill and auto-preset capabilities enable you to set a time to fill the bathtub, for instance, at a specific water temperature and to a desired height say, half-full and no hotter than 98° F for a child. You can even preset the time your morning shower starts and stops perfect for those who prefer the ultimate in control, and want to save money on water-heating bills to boot.