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Spotlighting an Eco-Architect

Duvivier Architects, the green architectural firm founded by Isabelle Duvivier, is one of a growing number of firms across the country dedicated to sustainable building. Projects on which Duvivier has worked incorporate such strategies as passive solar design, water retention and recycling, and the use of non-toxic and recycled building materials. In addition, she is the author of the Santa Monica Green Map, which highlights green businesses and ecological features that contribute to the creation of a more sustainable community.

Duvivier has won the Sustainable Quality Award from the City of Santa Monica two years running, along with the Sustainable Leadership Award in 2005. She also taught a greenbuilding course at UCLA, and is currently lecturing at Santa Monica College.

Born in Belgium, Duvivier came to Los Angeles at an early age and says she always wanted to be an architect, because it's a nice marriage between the technical and the creative minds. Her work, she says, emphasizes the integrated relationships between the built and natural environments. By demonstration, we hope to persuade others that ecological thinking and acting is a viable, economical and feasible choice. Our future depends on our ability to reduce, reuse, recycle and care.