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A Breath of Warm, Fresh Air

What do you get when you cross a fresh-air ventilation system with a hydronic (hot water) furnace? You get the Clean Air Furnace from Lifebreath Indoor Air Systems. The system uses water from your domestic hot water heater to warm fresh air before distributing it to your home through ducts and registers. And rather than kicking in periodically, sending blasts of warm air to the home for short periods of time, it provides a steady stream of uniform, temperate air, making the home more comfortable by reducing drafts and ensuring an even temperature distribution.

The Clean Air Furnace also has a built-in heat recovery ventilator (HRV), which expels stale air from your home while bringing in fresh air. As the stale air passes through the HRV, heat in the exiting air is transferred to the incoming air stream, which improves efficiency while ensuring healthy indoor air quality - especially important in the winter when homes are sealed up tight.

In addition, the system's motor uses 1/3 less power than conventional electric motors, providing even more efficiency and lowering the cost of heating your home. For more information: or 519-457-1904.