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Fireplaces As Art

These aren’t your grandfather’s fireplaces. Less than 9 inches deep and featuring minimalist, lightweight designs with natural black granite or limestone finishes, the X-Fires vent-free gas fireplaces from Lennox are designed for installation in apartments or areas of the home where it’s not possible to install a traditional fireplace, such as in a kitchen or home theater. The slim, self-contained X-Fire fireplaces are easy to install. Simply hang an X-Fire on a flat wall, connect it to a gas line and it’s ready to heat your home.

The fireplaces use innovative catalytic technology to clean the hot air as it leaves the combustion chamber, burning off most emissions, so no chimney or venting is necessary. Lennox’s RefleXion technology produces an infinity-flame effect of multiple fire levels, resulting in an artful display. And because the fireplaces boast a 99.99 percent fuel efficiency rate, nearly all the heat produced is distributed directed to the living space. The fireplaces feature easy-to-use controls that are hidden from view yet easy to access.

Part of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, X-Fire fireplaces are available in two sizes: the 1000, which is more than 39 inches wide, and the Widescreen, which measures 54.5 inches wide. The fireplaces run on natural or propane gas, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Prices start at about $3,700. For more information: 800-953-6669 or