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November 2003

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California Energy Commission Here you'll find A Guide to Photovoltaic System Design and Installation, containing guidelines for residential PV-system installers. Although written for California installers, much of the information is relevant to installers across the United States. Energy Star Suggestions to make homes and business more energy efficient with a list of energy-efficient products.

Fix That Drip

Imagine looking up at the ceiling of your living room and finding a water stain - or even worse to suddenly feel water dripping on your head. The stain is something of a mystery, leaving most homeowners wondering exactly where the water is coming from. The idea of tearing apart a home to fix a leak can give the average homeowner a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach. Often, leaking shower drains cause these stains. Drain assemblies can start to leak for several different reasons, but poor installation practices and old age are often the culprits.

How Insulation Works

There are three mechanisms by which this heat transport occurs: conduction, convection and radiation (Illustration 1).Conduction is the reason a frying-pan handle gets hot. The handle is not in the flame, but it is attached to the pan, which is in the flame, and the heat is transferred from molecule to molecule up the handle.Convection is the transport of heat by the molecules of a fluid.

Understanding Wireless

Wi-Fi Alliance www.wi-fi-org Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers How Stuff Works

The Creepy and the Crawly

The brown recluse is also called a violin spider because of the markings on its head.Rattlesnakes, coral snakes, copperheads, black widows, brown recluse spiders. They're the dreadful creatures that frequent our nightmares or otherwise give us the heebie-jeebies. And rightfully so - their bites can be deadly.

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