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November 2003

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Sunroom Sources

Industry & trade linksAmerican ArchitecturalManufacturers Associationwww.aamanet.orgNational Sunroom Associationwww.nationalsunroom.org785-271-0208(for standards guide)Sustainable BuildingsIndustry Councilwww.sbicouncil.orgManufacturers*Classic Conservatorieswww.classicconservatories.comGorell Enterprises Inc.www.gorell.comFlorian

Understanding Wireless

Wi-Fi Alliance www.wi-fi-org Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers How Stuff Works

Solar Homework

The major blackout in the Northeast this past summer emphasized our reliance on electricity - and the need to explore alternative sources. While conservation can do much to bring down costs, adding solar components to your home can also make a significant difference in your wallet and in the environment.

The Un-Wired Lifestyle

Multiple computers sharing one printer, family photos stored on a PC shown on a large-screen TV, music files stored on a computer but played through a stereo system, no more waiting to go online until someone else finishes, digital images displayed on any PC in the house showing the view from a wireless camera aimed at the baby's crib or the front door - the possibilities for work, play and security that are offered by wireless networking at home are extensive and expanding rapidly.

Optimum Thickness Corrected

Topt = (24 x HDD x F x PWF) Rin x 105(a1 + a2 + a3) and Ropt = Topt x Rin + R0

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