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November 2003

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Make Room for the Sun

According to the Annual Builder Practices Report by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center (NAHBRC) in Upper Marlboro, Md., 102,000 sunrooms were added to homes in 1999, 103,000 in 2000 and 130,000 in 2001. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry in Des Plaines, Ill., estimates sunrooms account for more than 500,000 remodeling projects each year.Sunrooms come in a diverse range of styles, sizes and designs. They're known by many names: sunroom, Florida room, garden room, conservatory, greenhouse, sunporch, patio room, solarium, and the list goes on.

The History of Solar Housing

Location, location, location - the crux of every homeowner's dream. Living in the 21st century offers options of setting up base camp almost anywhere - atop a mountain, in the woods, on the beach or in the desert. Extreme climatic conditions can be managed inside the house with the push of a button.


California Energy Commission Here you'll find A Guide to Photovoltaic System Design and Installation, containing guidelines for residential PV-system installers. Although written for California installers, much of the information is relevant to installers across the United States. Energy Star Suggestions to make homes and business more energy efficient with a list of energy-efficient products.

Not Seeing is Believing

Duct tape is amazing. It seems like this magic tape can solve just about every problem imaginable. I recently saw it used in a movie to treat a nasty knife wound (don't try that at home). Duct tape may be a cure-all, but it's not pretty, that is unless you love gray. That's why the folks at Scotch have developed transparent duct tape. It's perfect for sealing cracks in the walls or floors and patching window screens and screen doors. Transparent duct tape will last all season long without that ugly look of traditional gray duct-tape repairs.

The Creepy and the Crawly

The brown recluse is also called a violin spider because of the markings on its head.Rattlesnakes, coral snakes, copperheads, black widows, brown recluse spiders. They're the dreadful creatures that frequent our nightmares or otherwise give us the heebie-jeebies. And rightfully so - their bites can be deadly.

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