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November 2002

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Rocky Top

For the past 15 years, solid-surface materials have been the buzz when it comes to countertops. Touted as the be-all-end-all of countertop material, these solid synthetic sheets, which are formed by mixing a mineral compound with polyester and acrylic resins, resist chips, dents and scratches, and are easily repaired. With performance like that, why would a homeowner even think about using something else in a kitchen? Many homeowners would argue solid-surface materials lack the one-of-a-kind beauty that only natural stone can offer.

All About Wells

One of the most-often-overlooked details of building a home in a rural setting is the well. Many people think there is plenty of clean and safe water waiting below the surface for them to use. Only after drilling the well do they find that this is not true. The water is often of poor quality or insufficient quantity. To make matters worse, there is often no money left in the budget to buy treatment equipment and no space in the home to place it. With a little pre-planning, all of this can be avoided.

Take Five and Leave the Paint

When the day is done but the paint job isn't, simply put your wet roller and brush in the new Close-N-Go paint tray - along with whatever paint is also left over - and snap the lid shut.

Neat Idea for Neater Painting

This just in from the "It's About Time" department: A paint can that opens easily, pours cleanly and closes neatly. The new Twist and Pour paint can from Dutch Boy is an all-plastic gallon that sports an easy twist-off lid, comfort side handle and convenient neat-pour spout. No more screwdrivers to pry off lids or messy rags to clean the lip before resealing the container. This will undoubtedly result in less waste and mess and prolong unused paint's shelf life.

Natural Resources

For more information on ecologically sound cleaning, there are plenty of websites and books on the subject. Here are some that may be helpful to you, your home and the environment: Dubbed the "Green Heloise," Annie Berthold-Bond has been writing about the effects of what we use to clean our homes on the environment for nearly 20 years.

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