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November 2002

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Entry Doors: Built to Last

Today's entry doors are engineered to survive construction-site damage, forced entry, daily wear and tear, and anything the elements can dish out. Whether they are made of wood, steel, fiberglass or a composite material, there are enough choices in the entry-door category to satisfy every taste and budget.

Natural Resources

For more information on ecologically sound cleaning, there are plenty of websites and books on the subject. Here are some that may be helpful to you, your home and the environment: Dubbed the "Green Heloise," Annie Berthold-Bond has been writing about the effects of what we use to clean our homes on the environment for nearly 20 years.

All About Wells

One of the most-often-overlooked details of building a home in a rural setting is the well. Many people think there is plenty of clean and safe water waiting below the surface for them to use. Only after drilling the well do they find that this is not true. The water is often of poor quality or insufficient quantity. To make matters worse, there is often no money left in the budget to buy treatment equipment and no space in the home to place it. With a little pre-planning, all of this can be avoided.

Structural Stone

Dry-stacking fieldstone is a difficult method of building with stone. When done properly, the results are worth the extra effort. Built in the late 1700s, the stately, Colonial-style home is a handsome part of the historic streetscape for drivers passing through the village area of Yarmouth, Maine.

Wet Above? Try Dry-B-Lo

Do you have a second-story deck that provides a nice, shady spot on sunny days, but offers no protection from rain? Dry-B-Lo converts the area underneath these decks, where rain and snow has to be allowed to drain through the decking, into an attractive, dry and usable outdoor living space. This professionally installed and fully ventilated system features all-aluminum construction with baked-on enamel in several colors and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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