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Book review: "Power from the Wind"

Faced with frequent power outages, skyrocketing energy costs and constant reminders of the impacts of conventional energy sources, homeowners and businesses are beginning to explore ways to use energy more efficiently and to generate their own electricity to reduce fuel bills and their carbon footprint  — and to achieve greater independence.

"Power from the Wind" is an easily understandable guide for individuals and businesses interested in installing a small wind energy system. Written for the layman, this practical guide provides an accurate and unbiased view of all aspects of small wind energy systems, including:

--Wind and wind energy systems

--Ways to assess wind resources at your site

--Wind turbines and towers

--Inverters and batteries

--Installation and maintenance of systems

--The costs and benefits of installing a wind system

This book is designed to help readers make the smartest, most economical choices. Readers will gain the knowledge they need to make wise decisions during the design, purchase and installation of small wind energy systems and to communicate effectively with wind system installers.

About the contributors:

Dan Chiras is the father of two boys and the author of more than 20 books on environmental issues and sustainability. He teaches courses on renewable energy, green building and sustainability at Colorado College. His free time is spent mountain biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, playing music and gardening with his boys.

Mick Sagrillo is the wind technology specialist for Wisconsin's Focus on Energy.

Ian Woofenden is a wind electricity editor, writer, workshop coordinator, instructor and user in Washington's San Juan Islands.