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Banishing the Mushrooms

If you've ever installed a deck made of composite material, you know that standard deck screws produce an annoying phenomenon. When the fastener is screwed in tight, the head pushes up a little mushroom of material (above, left), causing your new deck to look a little ragged. The manufacturers suggest flattening those mushrooms with a mallet when you're done, but that's about the last thing you feel like doing after a long day in the sun. TrapEase deck screws from FastenMaster are designed to make the process neater and faster. Where standard deck screws have just one thread, TrapEase has two - the first designed for piercing the material fast, the second designed with an oversized thread that traps most of the loose composite kicked up by the first. The concave head then pushes whatever excess material is left back into the hole while the screw is being countersunk (above, right). This isn't an innovation that will set the world on fire, but it will make building a deck a little easier.