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March 2004

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Paint Like a Pro

When it comes to painting projects around the house, many Americans become consumed with selecting just the right hue, finding the perfect faux finish, and then starting the masking and taping. But experts say one of the most important ways to ensure a successful paint job is by using the proper brushes and rollers. Knowing what type of bristles to use, the proper brush size, how much nap your roller should have for a specific surface, and what effects varying qualities of brushes and rollers have on the painted surface are all key.

How to Boil Water

Astute readers (you know who you are) might think this is a Dave Barry column. Well, although both amazing and entertaining, it isn't one of his. It is my attempt to save the gazillions of BTUs Americans waste every year when they boil water. While you may now think this is a blonde joke, it is actually a very serious matter adversely affecting our national security. Assuming all 100 million U.S. households use the same water-boiling techniques as my spousal equivalent, Barbara, the exact amount of wasted energy is 1.05 x 1015 BTU, which equates to 178 million barrels of oil annually.


Toxicity Use glues with caution. Most have some precautions regarding chemical toxicity from inhalation, ingestion and absorption through the skin. Make sure you read the label and try to use the least-toxic glue for the job. Dry/cure time The manufacturer should tell you the setup time. However, there are external factors that may affect this time, including temperature (the colder, the longer to dry), humidity (dryer is better) and the amount of glue (PVAs and cyanoacrylates take longer the more you use, while epoxies set up faster in larger amounts).

Play it Safe

Whether it's two swings and a slide or an elaborate structure of climbing bars, tunnels and a pint-size rocket ship, the backyard play area is the ideal place for kids to stretch their legs and their imaginations. But before you send your children outside, you should consider some safety factors to help keep play time pain free. Not Just a Scraped Knee You might think your backyard is safer than the local community playground, but the numbers don't agree. An August 2001 press release from the U.S.

Calling a Truce With Weeds

Ever since the first plant was grown for food or beauty, the first gardener cursed neighboring plants -- weeds. A weed is any plant in the wrong place. Tomato seedlings popping up in the garden from last year's fallen fruit might be considered weeds. Goldenrod, often considered a weed in America, stands proudly in British flower gardens. We gardeners have to come to terms with weeds -- understanding the harm they do, as well as recognizing their benefits -- then keep them sufficiently in check.

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