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March 2003

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What The Tags Tell You

The plastic tags attached to the ends of treated lumber give some important basic information about the treated lumber. The format of these tags varies depending on the manufacturer, but typically you will see: The manufacturer or treater of the lumber. The type of wood preservative used. For CCA-treated wood, you'll see "CCA-C." The "-C" refers to the type of CCA. There are three types of CCA (Types A, B and C), but only type C is used for lumber treatment. The retention of preservative and type of intended use.

Space Heaters: Down to Earth

  Most vented heaters today use a pipe-within-a-pipe arrangement that pre-warms incoming cold air, allowing the burner to fire more efficiently.

Going Up?: Find the Right Opener for Your Garage Door

Garage door openers are becoming increasingly popular as the garage becomes a fundamental part of the house, not merely a place to park the car. Garages nowadays are used as storage areas and workshops, and they often have bedrooms, home offices and other rooms above them. In many cases, the garage has become the primary entry and exit point to and from the house. Once viewed as indulgences for the privileged, garage door openers are now standard conveniences.

Take the Kink out Of Your Hose

Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake. These tight bends in the exhaust hose can accelerate lint accumulation, which in turn reduces the dryer's efficiency and poses a possible fire hazard.

Helpful Websites

Department of Energy: American Wind Energy Association: National Wind Technology Center: Department of Energy wind maps: Wind Energy Resource Atlas:

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