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March 2003

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Take the Kink out Of Your Hose

Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake. These tight bends in the exhaust hose can accelerate lint accumulation, which in turn reduces the dryer's efficiency and poses a possible fire hazard.

Going Up?: Find the Right Opener for Your Garage Door

Garage door openers are becoming increasingly popular as the garage becomes a fundamental part of the house, not merely a place to park the car. Garages nowadays are used as storage areas and workshops, and they often have bedrooms, home offices and other rooms above them. In many cases, the garage has become the primary entry and exit point to and from the house. Once viewed as indulgences for the privileged, garage door openers are now standard conveniences.

A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun

Solar homes showed a lot of promise during the 1970s, when energy prices skyrocketed and people were scrambling to find more efficient and effective ways to heat and power their homes. But when those prices leveled off and even went down, we as a country forgot a lot of the lessons solar technology taught us. Perhaps now things are beginning to swing back the other way. As evidence, check out the recent Solar Decathlon sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and held in Washington.

Homes Across the Pond

This demonstration home in Britain has gathered notice from around the world. The home was built with no contracts and no budget, as suppliers donated materials, expertise and time at no charge.

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