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March 2003

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A Guide to Safe Water Within the Home

There are enemies lurking within your home. Just beyond each faucet and shower fixture, the pipes that feed them are - in most homes - filled with bacteria and parasites. Some of these, like the parasite Cryptosporidium, are quite dangerous. The good news is that there are sensible and cost-effective ways to rid your home of these unwanted guests. We'll guide you to the solutions. Over the past two decades, there has been a push to lower water-heater thermostat settings in the United States from the previously adopted standard of 140 F to a safer setting of 120 F.

X10 Explained: Controlling Your Home Without Re-wiring

X10 is a popular technology that allows you to control electrical devices throughout your house with existing 110-volt wiring, eliminating the need to run new wires - a costly enterprise in some cases. Because X10 equipment simply plugs into wall outlets, it's usually simple to install and use. But it's far from simple in its design. For those who want to understand what's going on inside those little boxes, here's a quick tutorial. X10 is both a patented line of home automation products and a communications protocol for remote control of electrical devices.

Ventilation Discourse

Good ventilation is important to your comfort and safety, as are a reliable heating system, smoke alarms and a dry basement. It will help to protect the occupants from irritating pollutants and potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. Well-planned ventilation also helps to manage moisture and reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.

How to Cure a Wet Basement

How many times have you looked at your basement and thought how great it would be to have a playroom, a home office or a family room/entertainment center - if only it didn't get wet? Dampness is the leading reason that most people do not fully utilize their basement. Yet in many cases the causes of wetness can be eliminated or at least controlled. It is critical that you fix moisture problems before you tackle a basement remodeling job. What Causes Wet Basements? Wet basements are a common problem throughout much of the country.

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