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Keeping a Low Profile

Smoke alarms have been integral safety devices in the home for nearly four decades, but during that time they haven’t changed much in appearance. The Silhouette Low-Profile Smoke Alarm is out to change that. With a sleek design that protrudes just a half-inch from the ceiling, it blends easily into its surroundings and won’t interfere with your interior décor.

What’s more, the hard-wired unit comes with a sealed lithium battery that provides backup protection during power outages and recharges when the power is restored, so there’s no need to change the battery during the life of the unit (generally about 10 years).

Features include a one-touch Smart Hush button homeowners can press to temporarily silence the alarm in the event of a nonemergency alert or to test its operation. In addition, the Silhouette can be linked with other alarms to create an interconnected system (usually required by code), so all alarms in the house sound if one detects a problem. The Silhouette, developed by Kidde, is available from electrical distributors nationwide. The company also plans to introduce a low-profile carbon monoxide alarm later this year. For more information: or 800-880-6788.