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Drink to Your Health

Water quality has become an important issue for many homeowners, given recent reports about the quality of tap and bottled water. According to the National Tap Water Quality Database (, 260 contaminants have been found across the nation in residential tap water, and for more than half (141) of these contaminants, there are no enforceable safety standards. Nearly 200 million people are drinking these contaminants in their water.

The Pureez water filter uses ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water.
A number of companies produce home filtration systems that can improve water quality. Pureez, for instance, recently introduced a countertop water purifier that uses an 11-watt ultraviolet (UV) lamp, as well as a double-active carbon filter and a 0.6 micron filter, to kill microbes in tap water. (UV technology is a cost-effective way to disinfect drinking water, according to the company.) The system reduces particulates in water by 99.9 percent, reduces chloroform by 95 percent and reduces chlorine by 75 percent.

The Pureez water filter can produce water at a variety of temperatures, from chilled to boiling, and it has a programmable volume control, so it can expend varying amounts of water, from a small cup to a large cup. It comes with a self-installation kit for easy set-up next to a sink or refrigerator, or it can be professionally installed. The Pureez water filter retails for $999, with a number of payment plans available, and comes in six colors. For more information: or 866-939-7873.