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June 2008

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Designer Decks

Designer Decks

Smart Summer Furniture

Relax in style this summer, and help the environment while you’re doing it, with these colorful Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic milk jugs and water bottles. Shoreline Adirondack chairs, from Lancaster County, Pa.-based Millcraft Poly Furniture, are made from 100-percent recycled Poly Lumber, a high-density polyethylene plastic that is safe and maintenance-free.

Give Your Yard an Organic Makeover

Give Your Yard an Organic Makeover

Most of us spend many hours in the fall and early spring taking care of our yards — raking, sowing seeds, planting, fertilizing and watering — so we can enjoy a lush landscape by the time the warm weather rolls around. But when the long, hot, dry days of summer arrive, we often find our efforts laid to waste by drought, pests and munching wildlife.

Watch Your Water!

Nothing drives me crazier than seeing lawn sprinklers going off during a rainstorm. Potable water is a precious resource we must manage carefully and responsibly. By adopting water-conserving strategies and making use of a growing number of products on the market today, homeowners can not only save water but also spend less time on yard care, so they can enjoy more leisurely summertime activities.

Creating a Fire-Resistant Home

Wildfires were particularly destructive last year, especially in the West, where thousands of homes were destroyed, and in the South, where drought left trees and shrubbery tinder-dry. Already this year, wildfires have sprung up in Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Nevada and California, destroying homes and property.

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