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July 2003

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Great Panes

Early windows were literally nothing more than holes in the wall. They were placed in shelters to allow smoke from the fire to escape and fresh air to enter.

Getting a Grip on Fuel Prices

The internet makes it easy to track energy supply and price trends.It was day three of the latest war in Iraq, and American and British troops had secured the oil fields near Basra. World petroleum prices, which had been driven upward all winter by cold weather, a strike in Venezuela and war speculation, took a sudden tumble in the third week of March.

Giving Yourself A Lift

I t usually starts with the groceries. Though some people need an elevator in their house to access the multiple levels of living space, most homeowners purchasing elevators today simply want one for the convenience. "From a 2,000-square-foot house to a 14,000-square-foot house, people are installing elevators," says Eugene Aubrey, an architect who is planning an elevator in a luxury home in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

I Want My HDTV

Not the typical aerial antenna, either. Many of today's models can capture broadcast HDTV signals and can be mounted under your eaves or easily clipped to your mini satellite dish.Once a rabid sports fan sees football in high definition, there's no turning back. The view is as sharp as you'll get from a field-level box on the 50-yard line.

The Light of Day

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