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Smart Windows

Forget miniblinds, verticals, curtains and shades. If you want privacy in your bathroom, you might want to consider getting SPD-Smart Windows. These windows have a small electric current passing through the glass. When the electricity is off, the window is dark; turn on the juice, and the window becomes clear. Several window manufacturers have licensed this technology, including SPD Systems, Razor's Edge Technologies, ThermoView, Cricursa and Traco. Window products with SPD-Smart technology enable users to control or tune the shade of their windows, ranging from light to dark and all levels in between. SPD-Smart windows block 99 percent of UV light and up to 80 percent of solar heat gain to help reduce air-conditioning costs. These windows can be used in new construction, or they can be retrofitted into older homes. They are hard-wired into the home electrical system similar to hooking up a doorbell. According to the company, these windows use very little electricity. An entire house of smart windows uses less than a single light bulb. For homeowners who want to control their exposure, smart windows are the clear choice. If you want more information on SPD-Smart windows, check out