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Stop Guessing About Filter Changes

Even the most attentive homeowner could use a little help remembering to perform routine maintenance and upkeep. Changing the A/C and furnace filters, for instance, are important tasks that can easily slip your mind. But if you attach the FilterTone dirty-filter alarm to your air filters, you'll hear a pleasant tone when it's time for a change. As dirt builds up in air filters, it produces an increase in pressure that triggers the tone. The manufacturer, Energy Technology Laboratories, also claims that homeowners can enjoy up to 10 percent in utility savings and extend the life of heating and cooling equipment by using this little (about 3 3/16 inches around by half an inch high) product to remind them to install fresh air filters. The alarms can be used multiple times with no maintenance or batteries required. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty. For more information, call 800-344-3242 or visit