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February 2008

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What Goes Around

Look at the homes on your block, in your neighborhood or pretty much anywhere else around the world today, and chances are they all are the same basic shape. Sure, you might notice a few A-frames here and there, or perhaps a postmodern architectural wonder that breaks the design mold. But pretty much every home you’ll see, whether it’s a ranch, cape, Colonial, Victorian, log cabin, bungalow, cottage or whatever, is essentially a box — that is, a box-like dwelling either square or rectangular in shape, or some combination of the form.

Green Retailers

“Where can I find greenbuilding materials and products?” It’s a question homeowners have been asking for years, and for those in many areas of the country, there have been no easy answers. But thanks to a growing number of green retailers and businesses, it’s becoming easier to find the green products and building supplies you read about in the pages of this magazine.

Green Computers Make Cents

The next time you head off to the local electronics store to buy a new desktop computer, laptop or monitor, consider purchasing a green one — that is, a computer that meets criteria established by EPEAT, or the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.

Classy Glass Countertops

You’d never know by looking at an Urbanslabs countertop that it’s made from recycled glass. And that’s part of its appeal. Consisting of 60 percent recycled post-consumer glass from containers such as beer, wine and liquor bottles, Urbanslabs countertops, from Santa Ana, Calif.-based Eco Surfaces Manufacturing, are among the latest green products designed to appeal to homeowners seeking sustainable options when building or remodeling their homes.

The 21st Century Victorian Home

The driveway curls through the New Hampshire woods. As you near its end, the home’s Folk Victorian details come into focus — delicate trim along the top of two gabled dormers, carefully detailed pediments above windows and more accenting trim atop the porch rails.

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