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Mandating cleaner woodstoves

Web Exclusive 2013

Carbon-neutral communities

Carbon has been receiving a lot of bad press, which is a little surprising. After all, carbon is the foundation of all life on Earth. It makes up 18.5 percent of human body mass. Plants need carbon to survive. A diamond is essentially highly concentrated carbon.” So it can't be that bad, can it?

April 2008

Building better coastal homes

Coastal building is undergoing a dynamic change, one that can be seen in a residential community recently established in a hurricane-prone region. Audubon Village is a master-planned coastal community on Bolivar Peninsula, a 27-mile-long barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast north of Galveston. At its widest point, Bolivar Peninsula is only three miles across, which means homes there are particularly susceptible to damage from severe weather.

October 2007

Smarter washing, walls and windows

It's often said there's nothing new under the sun. We beg to differ. The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) recently identified 10 innovative technologies that are about to make our homes stronger, more durable and more resource-efficient.

October 2007
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