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Roofs on the Cutting Edge

Flowering succulents may seem more suited to a rock garden in your yard, but at Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, Ga., a team of workers recently planted rows and rows of sedum, hens-and-chicks and other types of vegetation up on the roof of the nonprofit organization’s new Eco Office. The energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable office building has been designed to demonstrate a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as its new green roof.

June 2008

The Right Roof for You

It's one of those remodeling efforts that probably won't net much return. A buyer just expects that the roof won't leak. So be prepared to shell out no less than $2,000, even if you have a small house. And if you have a large home and exacting roofing standards, the bill can be many multiples of that.

Actually a leak is not necessarily evidence that you need a new roof. They can be caused by a variety of things, including ice dams in an incorrectly insulated attic. Roofs also leak around chimneys and vent pipes long before the shingles start to fail.

September 2007

A New Look for Metal Roofs

Hurricane Ivan slammed into the Gulf Coast and the Florida panhandle on Sept. 16, 2004, packing 120-mile-per-hour winds. The storm did more than $13 billion in damages before the skies cleared. It tossed a section of Interstate 10 in Pensacola into Escambia Bay. It killed 14 people. One thing Hurricane Ivan did not do was tear the roof off the house Bill Fette was building, half a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. The roof on Fette's new house in Pensacola looks like tile but is made from stone-coated steel.

September 2007

The Roofing Revolution

Few parts of your house are exposed to the elements as completely as the roof. The roof has to rise above anything the sky throws at it - rain, snow, hail, ultraviolet radiation. Its surface suffers the extremes of temperature, in many places reaching 120° F in the summer sun and falling well below zero in the winter. And after it contends with those challenges, we still expect the roof to shed water and keep the structure snug and dry. It's no wonder a new roof is often one of the first major maintenance projects that homes require.

January 2002
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