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A Warmer Pool

A Warmer Pool

With energy costs so high, it can be expensive to heat a pool. In fact, in cooler climes, many homeowners find it cost-prohibitive. But Aussie Pools of Sacramento, Calif., has a solution.

September 2007

Pool Owners Warming To Solar

The fastest-growing market for solar water systems is swimming pools. Last year, about 95 percent of the square footage of all solar collectors shipped to U.S. markets were for swimming pools. And there are good reasons why the number is that high. Solar heating systems for swimming pools can be very cost-effective. A recent analysis of such systems for pools in Florida found that homeowners generally recoup their investment in 1.5 to seven years. A system typically costs from $2,000 to $4,000 installed.

January 2002

Letting Nature Clean the Pool

The problem with swimming pools is what goes into them. To keep them safe, you have to add chemicals like chlorine, which not only detract from the swimming experience but cost serious money as well. Europeans, however, are increasingly turning to nature for an alternative. "Natural pools" aren't kept clean with chemicals. Instead, about half of the pool (or pond, as some call it) is set aside for plants that cleanse water naturally, such as lotus and water lilies.

November 2001
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