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Water-saving faucets and toilets

Water-saving faucets and toilets

Saving water makes sense. That’s the concept behind WaterSense, an EPA-sponsored program designed to help homeowners conserve water and reduce utility bills.

November 2008

5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Planning a bathroom remodeling project this summer? It’s one of the best investments you can make in your home, according to real estate experts. Should you ever consider selling your home, the condition and amenities of the bathrooms “can really make or break a sale,” says Silas Deane, president of Baden Bath, located in Nashville, Tenn. He offers the following tips for homeowners embarking on a bathroom remodeling project.

June 2008

When Your Drain Is a Pain

The natural reaction for many homeowners when they realize they have a clogged drain is to stand frozen at the spot where nothing is sinking but their spirits as they consider the likelihood of paying for a plumber. But it doesn't have to be that way. Many drain-line problems can be pinpointed and corrected by anyone with a basic understanding of their home's wastewater system. Knowing how your plumbing system works won't make unclogging jobs any less messy, but it will save you some real dollars over the years.


Easy First Fixes

September 2007

10 Ways to Save Water at Home

At first glance, the Spanish-style haciendas in the Chaco Canyon community, located southwest of Las Vegas, don't look like they're on the cutting edge of water-efficient construction. The only indication might be the native plants in the front yards instead of the typical patches of green lawn.

But since mid-2005, each of the 6,000 houses built by developer KB Home in Chaco Canyon and 50 other Las Vegas-area communities meets strict standards for limiting water use both inside and out.

September 2007

Taking It Outside

Replacing an existing tank-type water heater with a more efficient tankless water heater often requires homeowners to upgrade the interior infrastructure of their homes. Specifically, tankless water heaters typically require larger gas supply piping and a Category III stainless steel venting system, which may not be installed in a home with a standard tank-type water heater.

Configuring a new home with these materials is easy enough, but in an existing home the upgrades can result in additional, and often unexpected, installation costs.

September 2007

Toilets That Make Sense

The average family uses about 400 gallons of water per day, according to estimates, with up to 26 percent of that daily usage attributed to flushing toilets. To reduce some of that water usage - and trim water bills as well - homeowners can install some of the newer low-flow toilets, such as three water-conserving models from Wisconsin-based Kohler Co.

Highline and Wellworth Pressure Lite toilets from Kohler incorporate pressure-assisted technology, which ensures one-flush, no-plug performance on as little as 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf).

September 2007

When Good Pipes Go Bad

May 2003

A Baker's Dozen of Water-Conservation Tips

Park & Co., a Phoenix-based marketing firm, created the Water - Use it Wisely campaign on behalf of several Arizona cities, to develop and reinforce a universal water-conservation ethic. The following water-conserving landscape tips are courtesy of the website at

Collect the water you use for rinsing produce or from cleaning your fish tank and reuse it to water houseplants.

Use compost when planting to add water-holding organic matter to the soil. Layer organic mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and save hundreds of gallons of water a year.

January 2003
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