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While you might be thinking of putting off that kitchen upgrade

While you might be thinking of putting off that kitchen upgrade or bathroom remodel in light of the challenging economy, there are some home improvements you may not want to postpone.  In fact, home makeover projects that go beyond the surface including things like replacing an old furnace or adding extra attic insulation can actually put money back into your wallet.

September 2009

Energy Star Fridge

August 2008

Organize Your Kitchen

While the kitchen tends to be the center of activity in most homes, surprisingly few homeowners pay attention to how a kitchen is designed beyond the stylish cabinets and overall layout of the room. The result can be a beautiful kitchen that just doesn’t work. Sure, you may have all your pots, pans and cookie sheets in a cabinet next to the stove, but are they piled on top of one another in cavernous cabinets? Do you have to empty half the pantry closet to find the spaghetti sauce because it’s buried behind 12 cans of soup?

February 2008

15 hot kitchen cabinet trends

Gone are the days when storage and functionality in the kitchen consisted of a spice rack, a built-in breadbox and a Lazy Susan corner cabinet organizer. Today's homeowners are demanding more from their kitchens, and designers and manufacturers are responding.

September 2007

Steel This

Stainless-steel refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves are hot. However, when your kitchen gets too hot, like when there's a fire in the house, you need to reach for your fire extinguisher. Every kitchen should have one within easy reach. But it's that ugly, shiny red" it won't look very good in our stainless-steel kitchens. To solve this burning issue, Kidde has developed the first Underwriters Laboratories "listed aluminum brushed-finish fire extinguisher. Now your kitchen can be safe and color coordinated. The fire extinguisher costs around $30.

September 2007

The Intelligent Kitchen

Five cutting-edge technologies can save time in the kitchen -- and may even bring your family back to the table

Ever since the Jetsons produced a three-course meal with the push of a button, homeowners have been waiting for their own kitchens to enter the space age. It looks like that's finally about to happen.

September 2007

Two Faucets in One

It may look like a traditional kitchen fixture, but Moen's new Chateau model with ChoiceFlo Filtration is really two faucets in one. Homeowners can now get either filtered or ordinary tap water from two separate waterspouts in a single faucet, with no attachments required.

During installation, a separate handle is mounted on the faucet's base. By turning the handle, you can switch from tap to filtered water delivered through different spouts, one at the front of the faucet and the other hidden in the faucet's neck.

September 2007

Water Instead of Wires

No electricity under the sink? No problem - and no call to the electrician is necessary. Homeowners who want a food-waste disposer without the hassle or expense of installing electricity under the sink can opt for HydroMaid, a water-powered food-waste disposer. "About half of homes in the United States do not have electricity under the sink," says Ron Turner, head of customer service for HydroMaid. HydroMaid, which was originally designed for use on nuclear submarines, became available to consumers three years ago.

January 2003
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