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10 Steps to Cleaner Air

The American Lung Association and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology offer the following tips to help improve the air quality in homes.

January 2009

A Breath of Warm, Fresh Air

What do you get when you cross a fresh-air ventilation system with a hydronic (hot water) furnace? You get the Clean Air Furnace from Lifebreath Indoor Air Systems. The system uses water from your domestic hot water heater to warm fresh air before distributing it to your home through ducts and registers. And rather than kicking in periodically, sending blasts of warm air to the home for short periods of time, it provides a steady stream of uniform, temperate air, making the home more comfortable by reducing drafts and ensuring an even temperature distribution.

September 2007

Breathe Easier


March 2003

Ventilation Discourse

Good ventilation is important to your comfort and safety, as are a reliable heating system, smoke alarms and a dry basement. It will help to protect the occupants from irritating pollutants and potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. Well-planned ventilation also helps to manage moisture and reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.

March 2003

Stop Guessing About Filter Changes

Even the most attentive homeowner could use a little help remembering to perform routine maintenance and upkeep. Changing the A/C and furnace filters, for instance, are important tasks that can easily slip your mind. But if you attach the FilterTone dirty-filter alarm to your air filters, you'll hear a pleasant tone when it's time for a change. As dirt builds up in air filters, it produces an increase in pressure that triggers the tone.

January 2003

Whole-House HEPA

Indoor air quality is a hot topic these days. Asthma and allergies seem to be epidemic - a reflection, some experts say, of building practices that are producing tighter, and therefore more polluted, houses. Broan-NuTone is targeting the problem with its GuardianPlus whole-house HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration system. Guardian Plus units are lightweight and small enough to install in tight spots like utility rooms or closets, can be fitted to either new or existing forced-air systems, and can handle up to 2,500 square feet of living space.

May 2002

A Fan With Filters

Ceiling fans move a lot of air, but they also move dust, smoke, pollen and other less-than-desired elements in the air. The Clairion 2 in 1 air cleaner/ceiling fan helps filter all those elements. The fan's blades hold snap-in filters that can trap airborne particles and odors. To make the collection process more efficient, the fan's hub emits ions that make it easier for dust and particles to attach themselves to the positively charged filters. The fans come in a variety of models and sizes.

November 2001
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