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April 2008

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The Goals of Green Building

You've heard about it and read about it. "Green building," "sustainable construction," or as I prefer to call it, "high-performance building" has been the fastest-growing segment of the building industry for several years now, and there appears to be no end to the growth in sight, even though the construction industry in general is in a holding pattern. Yes, within the past couple of years, green building has become mainstream. And with good reason” it makes sense.

Natural Paints and Stains

YOLO Colorhouse paints were

Give your home an Eco-Audit

An eco-audit might reveal the need to seal gaps around windows and insulate your attic. You’ve probably heard about energy audits.

Wind Catchers

The 30-foot-tall Windspire  system canproduce 1,800

The Great Alternative Energy Debate

In Tennessee, former Vice President Al Gore ran into trouble with his community’s zoning laws when he wanted to install 33 solar electric panels on the roof of his home. In Massachusetts, a man sold his house and sued his neighbor after the neighbor installed a smoky, wood-fired boiler in the yard. In Atlanta, a homeowner angered his neighbors when he erected a 45-foot tower for a wind turbine on his property in a historic district.  

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