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April 2008

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Natural Paints and Stains

YOLO Colorhouse paints were

The Goals of Green Building

You've heard about it and read about it. "Green building," "sustainable construction," or as I prefer to call it, "high-performance building" has been the fastest-growing segment of the building industry for several years now, and there appears to be no end to the growth in sight, even though the construction industry in general is in a holding pattern. Yes, within the past couple of years, green building has become mainstream. And with good reason” it makes sense.

The Ultimate Value Home

While the overall housing market remains sluggish across much of the country, builders are turning to products and systems that will give them an inch up on the competition until the market corrects itself. Basically, in terms of products and construction practices, anything green goes. But the NextGen Ultimate Value Home, displayed at the 2008 International Builders Show in Orlando this February, demonstrated an additional theme: that today’s green and efficient systems and products can add value to any home.

SH Bookshelf: Green Pages, Part Deux

As green building grows in popularity, more and more books are addressing the subject, creating a burgeoning subgenre of works within the larger category of homebuilding publications.

Eco-Friendly Cabinets

Canyon Creek and Armstrong are among the 90 cabinetmakers certified by the  Enivronmental Stewardship Program. Thanks to a new website, it’s much easier for homeowners to locate and purchase eco-friendly kitchen and ba

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