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April 2008

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Eric Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture

In addition to designing new homes, Eric Lloyd Wright has been the architect for the restoration of  many of his grandfather’s masterworks. For a home to be considered organic, its various elements must fit together harmoniously, as

Controlling Home Allergens

Pets can increase the potential for allergic reactions,since pet fur and dander are allergens for many homeowners. Unless your home is built to hospital intensive care or computer chip-maker standards, allergens are in the air you breathe and

SH Bookshelf: Green Pages, Part Deux

As green building grows in popularity, more and more books are addressing the subject, creating a burgeoning subgenre of works within the larger category of homebuilding publications.

Carbon-neutral communities

Carbon has been receiving a lot of bad press, which is a little surprising. After all, carbon is the foundation of all life on Earth. It makes up 18.5 percent of human body mass. Plants need carbon to survive. A diamond is essentially highly concentrated carbon.” So it can't be that bad, can it?

Recycling Made Easy

Simplify recycling with these inexpensive, color-coded, waterproof and washable tarpaulin recycling bags from Design Within Reach ( Most homeowners are aware of the importance of recycling, and mos

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